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Our rehab in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, serves men and women in the Midwest who are 18 or older. We treat all major substance use disorders and have a dual diagnosis program to treat commonly co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Our therapeutic interventions complement our addiction treatment programs and help individuals learn not only to cope with addiction thoughts and behaviors but also overcome them and lead healthier lives.

Contact Wisconsin Recovery Institute for treatment in Wisconsin and to learn more about the resources we offer.

The general process for addiction treatment encompasses several stages tailored to address the multifaceted nature of substance use disorders (SUDs). Initially, individuals undergo a comprehensive assessment, evaluating their physical and mental health, substance use history, and overall life situation. Following assessment, individuals may enter the detox phase, where withdrawal symptoms are managed under medical supervision to safely eliminate substances from the body.

Once stabilized, the initial treatment phase begins, introducing individuals to a residential or outpatient treatment program, which often involves individual and group counseling, psychoeducation, and the establishment of a support network. For those requiring more intensive care, inpatient or residential treatment provides a structured and supportive environment where individuals engage in various therapies, counseling sessions, support groups, and educational activities.

As individuals progress, outpatient treatment allows for a gradual transition back into daily life while continuing therapy sessions and support group participation. The aftercare or continuing care phase follows formal treatment completion, sustaining recovery, and preventing relapse through ongoing counseling, support group involvement, vocational training, and the cultivation of a sober support network.

Additionally, participation in support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and engagement with community resources contribute to ongoing support.

What is the Process for Addiction Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment in Wisconsin

At our rehab in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, we provide treatment for drug and alcohol addictions in our substance abuse treatment programs. Wisconsin Recovery Institute offers detoxification services and residential care to help you start your recovery.

Detox Program

The Wisconsin Recovery Institute offers a comprehensive range of addiction programs designed to guide individuals through the transformative journey of recovery. Our drug and alcohol detox program serves as a crucial first step, providing a secure and supportive environment for the supervised removal of substances from the system.

Residential Addiction Treatment Program

For those with a more severe addiction or who have completed detox, our residential addiction treatment program is highly recommended. In this program, individuals learn coping strategies and address past traumas associated with substance use, fostering a holistic approach to recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Program

The dual diagnosis program at Wisconsin Recovery Institute recognizes the intersection of substance abuse and mental health issues. Individuals with co-occurring disorders benefit from integrated care addressing both aspects simultaneously.

Individual Addiction Therapy

Our addiction therapy services include individual therapy, which offers a personalized, one-on-one therapeutic process. Clients work closely with trained therapists to learn more about their personal journey to recovery. The confidential nature of individual therapy provides a safe space for clients to express themselves, gain insights, and develop coping strategies tailored to their unique circumstances.

Group Addiction Therapy

Group Therapy involves individuals with shared experiences coming together in a supportive environment facilitated by a trained therapist.

Experiential Therapy Program

Experiential Therapy is a therapeutic approach engaging clients in activities promoting emotional expression, self-discovery, and personal growth. Beyond traditional talk therapy, experiences tap into emotions and promote healing.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Oftentimes health insurance plans offer coverage for rehab services. Wisconsin Recovery Institute accepts insurance, but it’s important to check with your insurance provider to learn what services may and may not be covered. If your insurance provider is in-network treatment will be covered. We accept out-of-network insurance but the cost may be higher.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab

Finding Addiction Treatment in Wisconsin

If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol or drug use, you may be seeking treatment in Wisconsin. Through community resources, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, you may be able to find help and receive treatment recommendations.

Our dedicated team at Wisconsin Recovery Insitute can offer resources to individuals and their families to have a better understanding of addiction and treatment. When you contact us, our team will share information about our detox, residential, and dual diagnosis programs and determine if you’re a good fit. We offer assessment and individual treatment plans to ensure you get the best care at our rehab. Call today and start your recovery!

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